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“After spending years living the normal middle-class life: working 9-to-5 jobs, chasing the proverbial “American Dream”, and vacationing one to two times a year, we found ourselves asking ‘what will our legacy be?!’.

It was time to get on one accord as a family. Time to start building our legacy. So, we got focused and paid off over $25,000 in debt in less than 9 months and, shortly after, we received the news that we were having a baby boy!

This meant our son wouldn’t be inheriting any debt! However, the excitement of expecting a new baby and paying off all our debt was short-lived. Along with the good news, we were presented with the not so good news: not only was the man of the house diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease, but the genetically incurable diagnosis was also part of the baby boy’s inheritance.

Instead of being down about this news, we came up with ideas that ensured we would establish a legacy that would transcend our family and last for generations to come…” – Reesie & Austin Avery III

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Whether it be for your family, your small business, or your corporation, we believe in the power of a unified vision.

We started this journey with a simple rallying cry back in 2010. And what was true then is still true today: a unified vision can move mountains! Throughout all the joys and challenges that life brings, a well-defined vision will always bring peace and stability. We believe this so deeply that everything we do is in pursuit of inspiring people to create a home and business life they love.

Therefore, whether you find us mostly online or at a community stakeholders convening, inside the pages of a magazine or newspaper or on other shows or podcasts, it is our ongoing desire that any time you spend with us will help guide you there.

Our successful community cultivation efforts have afforded us the opportunity to partner with organizations such as The Care Foundation, The American Heart Association, Fairlife, UT Health Science Center, and more. It has also opened doors for us to serve on numerous advisory boards. We would love to share our wealth of knowledge and insight with you.

Organizations we've worked with:

Brainstorming Sessions

We are passionate about helping others succeed in their business goals. We’ve run (and continue to run) companies which we started from scratch amassing notable funding and national media coverage. Our success has led us to opportunities to help several businesses achieve growth. Whether you want to start a business, understand your industry, or grow your brand, we are confident that our many years of “lessons learned” (successes & missteps) can help you avoid some costly mistakes on your way to success.

Organizations we've worked with:

Hungernomics Course

The Hungernomics™: Flipping Food Deserts course is a 9-week course designed to prepare students for overcoming the common challenges in impoverished communities plagued by scarcity.

The Hungernomics™ team have been appointed to serve on numerous advisory boards as well as commissioned to provide invaluable consultation to numerous healthcare institutions and municipalities and their Mayors, Aldermen, City Council, etc.

Not to mention, members of the Hungernomics™ team have served as the keynote speaker at many engagements; and they continue to work with the aforementioned on many facets associated with their community development programs.
Be the first to receive grant application notifications. The purpose of these grants are to aid business-focused Faith-Based Students and Small Businesses seeking to take their education, inventions, and/or business strategies to the next level so that they can continue to positively impact their communities.



If there was one annual event you don’t want to miss, this benefit gala is that event! Come party with a purpose.


You and your family can swing into action for a great cause at our annual golf tournament fundraiser.


Join us as we host a red-carpet private screening of the first season of the highly anticipated docuseries.

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